Baseball Youth Development Program FAQ’s


What forms are parents supposed to submit for a player? When?

Parents should submit a progress report for their player at the end of all even months (IE: Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec) via the website. This submission should consider the players behavior and values during the two-month period (IE: A December submission is for the months of November and December). Also, parents should submit a reading attestation form for their player every month via the website.

Do teachers need to fill out progress reports for players? How? When?

Yes. During school months, the player’s teacher should complete a behavioral/value progress form using the same link and schedule outlined above for parents. During their routine communication with teachers, parents should share the website link and instructions.

Do coaches need to fill out progress reports for players? How? When?

Yes. During active months (when workouts, practices, and games are scheduled), the coach or an assistant coach for each team should complete a behavioral/value progress form for each player using the same link and schedule outlined above for parents and teachers.

What if I forget to submit a form?

If required forms are not submitted for a player during the scheduled period, that team will not receive a score for that player. Please do not submit after the period is over. Late and “bulk” submissions will not be counted toward the team aggregate score.

How are teams scored? What does the score mean?

The aggregate score of teams will determine their general assistance (GA) funding eligibility. The total possible team points in any category are the sum of all rostered players having received full scores/satisfactory completion in all areas of evaluation. Overall team scores are calculated using total possible points as a top score for that team. Fundraising scores are extra points added to the aggregate score.

  • Example one – A 2-point rating scale is used in 5 areas of evaluation for 12 rostered players. The result is 120 possible team points.
  • Example two – 10 of 12 players on a team submit report via the website at the end of February. All 10 participating players received top scores in all areas of evaluation. The team score is 100/120, or 83% for this submission, which will be averaged with team submissions from prior months.
  • Example three – 12 of 12 players on a team participate in a community service project in December. The team score is 120/120, or 100%, which will be averaged with team participation from prior events.
  • Example four – A team raises and donates $2000 during a fundraiser in January. Ten extra points are added to the team aggregate score (0.5% added per $100 raised for BEMJL).

Can anyone apply for Emergency Assistance (EA)?

Yes. Emergency assistance (EA) funding is available for all qualifying families with a participating player, regardless of team score.

Where does the money go that is raised by teams and donated to the Foundation?

One hundred percent of all monies raised by teams are used to support this program. Participating teams and families will receive funds throughout the season via the coach’s application for general assistance (GA), referrals and requests for emergency assistance (EA), and via Foundation sponsorship of community service projects and program events.

If you have any additional questions, please fill out the form below or post your question in the Butterly Effect team chat in Gamechager.

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